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Birthdate:Mar 8
Location:Washington, United States of America

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apple, ashes to ashes, bad wolf, baf, baking, baths, bbc, body modification, boobs, bouncy castles, britain, bryan ferry, bumming, bums, buses, cardiff, cats, chocolate, chris corner, copious bumming, coupling, cupcakes, dancing, david bowie, david tennant, ddr, demetri martin, doctor who, dreads, electro, eve 6, eyeliner, food porn, forumwarz, freaks and geeks, futurama, gay rights, gilmore girls, glitter, horror, howard moon, iamx, ice penis, james franco, jasmine green tea, jason segel, john simm, julian barratt, kittehs, kyle xy, large german bears, life on mars, lilies, lip balm, london, love, lush, math, matt berry, menstrual cups, mike fielding, mint, mint royale, moustache rides, music, my friends, my ipod, noel fielding, old gregg, orange, patrick wolf, photography, piercings, pineapple express, pirates, polos, procrastination, purple, rainbows, reading, ribbons, rich fulcher, richard ayoade, robin hood, robots in disguise, rorschach, roxy music, russell brand, russian!barratt, santana champagne, scarves, scrubs, seattle, seth rogen, simon amstell, skins, slag!noel, slash, sleeping, sneaker pimps, snow, snuff box, socks, soft cell, summer, sweaters, swedish fish, tags, tardis, tea, terrific bunny bumming, the beat, the hitcher, the human league, the it crowd, the lonely island, the mighty boosh, the moon, the oxford comma, the rocket summer, the secret handshake, the weepies, tiemcock, tom baker, top gear, torchwood, trains, tubes, twatlight, uk, unicorns, veganism, vince noir, watchmen, water colours, west seattle, yoga, zebra print, zelda
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